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Fusion Splicer Inno IFS-15

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Origin:Korea (South)
Specification:The IFS-15H core-alignment fusion splicer with the new ( DACAS) Digital Analysis Core Alignment System is one of the most dependable splicer on the market. The IFS-15H has a user friendly, intuitive GUI ( Graphical User Interface) with a 4.3 inch high-resolution color LCD screen that is easy to see and use. With a compact size of the fusion splicer ( 155mm* 130mm* 137mm) and the portable carrying case, the IFS-15H FTTH Master brings much more convenience for customers who works in the FTTx field. Request more information on the IFS-15H, contact us

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Name:Mr. Sugianto [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Address:Ruko Cempaka Mas Blok Q No 2
Jakarta 10640, Jakarta
Hubungi kami di : 08161853578 ; 021- 68984600 ;
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